Cyprus International University (CIU)

Why is Cyprus International University a great place for students from around the world to study?

Cyprus International University (CIU) is a school in a place called Northern Cyprus. It’s located close to the capital, 5 km from the city center. CIU welcomes international students from all over the world. They have many different classes for students from different countries. CIU, established in 1997, offers internationally accredited programs. The teachers, who are academic staff, are smart and use great tools to help you learn. CIU is special because they want to help you learn new things and do well in life. In this article, we will tell you why CIU is a great school for students from different countries. If you want to study business or computer engineering, CIU offers higher education planning, accreditation, and coordination. CIU is located in the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Why studying at Cyprus International University (CIU) is great for students from all around the world!

CIU is a fun school where students from 110 different countries come together to learn. CIU has students from 110 different countries with the opportunity to increase. They can make friends with people from more than 100 different nationalities and learn about different ways of living. It’s like going on a trip without leaving the university campus! They also get to learn English and improve their language skills while taking classes. If they ever need help, the teachers and academic staff at CIU are always there to give advice and support. CIU is the perfect place for students who love to explore and want to contribute to their academic studies!

The Multicultural Environment at ‍Cyprus international university (CIU)

At CIU, international students can get lots of help and support while they study. There are people who can give advice on school work, talk about personal issues, and help plan careers. They can work on cool projects and create new ideas to help people. CIU offers various programs and services to make sure students have a great learning experience, regardless of their background. Each program has different tuition fees, ranging from €4500 to €9000 per year. CIU offers all-inclusive packages that cover almost everything a student needs for the entire year.

The Range of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Offered at ‍Cyprus international university (CIU)

At CIU, international students can get lots of help and support while they study. There are people who can give advice on school work, talk about personal issues, and help plan careers. They can work on cool projects and create new ideas to help people. CIU offers various programs and services to make sure students have a great learning experience, regardless of their background. Each program has different tuition fees, ranging from €4500 to €9000 per year. CIU offers all-inclusive packages that cover almost everything a student needs for the entire year.

The Qualifications and Experience of CIU’s Faculty Members

The teachers atCIUare very skilled and experienced. They use different ways to teach, like online learning and hands-on activities, to make learning fun and exciting. This helps students become better problem-solvers and good at communicating with others. The teachers also give advice and help students with their careers so that they can reach their goals and be successful in their jobs.

The State-of-the-Art Facilities at ‍Cyprus international university (CIU)

The university is in Northern Cyprus, and international students can study many different things to get their first degree or master’s degree. Some of the things they can study are business, computers, buildings, brains, and international relations. CIU also has programs for students who already have a degree, like a Master of Business Administration or a master’s degree in things like building or international relations. The modern campus offers easy access to the library, sports arena, mini cinema, and cafe. The residence halls and dormitory are fully furnished and popular among students.

The Commitment to Innovation at ‍Cyprus international university (CIU)

(CIU) uses exciting ways to help students learn and be ready for the future. They use cool things like online classes, hands-on learning, and flipped classrooms. This helps students learn in new and fun ways. CIU also helps students work on important projects that can solve real-world problems. They have a research center that provides resources and support to students. The center works with companies and government groups to make the world a better place. CIU is a great place to learn and be creative!

Studying in Cyprus at CIU:

At CIU in Northern Cyprus, international students learn a lot from the smart and experienced teachers. It can be hard work in the study, but it’s worth it because they get the knowledge and skills they need to do well in their future careers. If students want to focus on a specific thing they like, they can choose courses that match their interests and future plans. CIU’s campus is only 30 km from the coastal town of Kyrenia and easily accessible from Ercan State Airport.

Scholarships and financial aid for students in need

At CIU in northern cyprus, students can get help with paying for their education. Theuniversity offers scholarshipsand financial aid to students who have good grades or need help paying for school. There are different types of the scholarship, some cover all of the tuition and housing costs, while others cover only part of the costs. There are also work-study programs that give students a chance to work and earn money while they study. And when it’s time to look for a job, the career center can help students find work and prepare for their future careers. and you can see tuition fees in the tables below .

Cyprus International University (CIU) Experience:

Cyprus International University (CIU) truly provides countless opportunities to make lifelong friends from 110 different countries. The student population enjoys events and activities throughout the year, including basketball courts, the CIU Arena, and social hangouts. Studying in Cyprus at CIU offers not only academic growth but also the chance to develop new skills and embrace innovative ideas. The university’s vision of Mr. Özer Boyacı resonates within its academic and social pursuits, making CIU one of the top universities in North Cyprus.


CIU ARENA is a super big place where people can play lots of sports, indoor sport and out door sport . It has indoor and outdoor places to play games like basketball, soccer, and tennis. There are also rooms for exercise, a big pool for swimming, a wall to climb, and places to play table tennis and squash. Anyone can come and have fun here!

CIU Clubs Union is a cool group of students who like to hang out and have fun together! They work with other student clubs to plan lots of cool activities like art shows, sports games, and events that help the community. Their goal is to make sure everyone has a great time and gets to meet new friends!

Types of accommodation

At CIU, university students can live in special places called residence halls! There are two types: studios and apartments. Studios don’t usually have kitchens, but sometimes there are kitchens that everyone can share. Apartments have kitchens and a big living room to hang out in with friends.

All the rooms have stuff to make life easier, like a fridge, TV, phone, and fast internet! They also get cleaned a lot to make sure everything stays nice and tidy.

The studios can fit one, two, three, or even four people! They have heat to keep warm in the winter, and some have air conditioning for when it’s hot. The apartments have one or two people in each room and they come in flats with two or three bedrooms, If you want, you can get a special deal that includes the room, food, and classes all together!

The residence halls are in a great spot near lots of fun places like a library, grocery store, laundry, sports arena, movie theater, and cafes in great university campus.

Student Life at Cyprus International University

Student life at Cyprus International University (CIU) is a tapestry of diversity, engagement, and personal growth. With a commitment to inclusivity, CIU creates a welcoming environment where students from around the world come together to share their cultures, ideas, and aspirations. The campus buzzes with vibrant clubs and societies, providing a platform for students to explore their interests and form lasting connections. From cultural festivals to academic seminars, CIU’s dynamic events calendar offers a wealth of opportunities for learning, networking, and creating cherished memories. At CIU, student life transcends the classroom, offering a holistic and enriching experience that prepares students for a globalized world while fostering a sense of belonging and community.

Shaping a Modern and Inclusive Learning Experience at Uluslararası Kıbrıs Üniversitesi

In the year 2023, Uluslararası Kıbrıs Üniversitesi (International Cyprus University) stands proudly as a beacon of higher education on the island of Cyprus, both for local and international students. Recognized for its commitment to academic excellence and modernity, the university has secured its position in the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings. As the capital of Northern Cyprus flourishes, this international university remains at the forefront, offering a contemporary learning environment equipped with cutting-edge facilities like the computer center. Accredited by the Accreditation and Coordination Council, the institution ensures quality education while fostering a global perspective. New students, hailing from diverse backgrounds, find themselves welcomed by a vibrant community that values evidence of English language proficiency, often demonstrated through an English proficiency exam. Beyond academics, the integrated sports complex and various clubs available on campus provide an opportunity to contribute, promoting both physical well-being and the social pursuits of students.

A Modern and Multicultural Campus: Unveiling the Essence of Uluslararası Kıbrıs Üniversitesi (CIU)

Nestled in the vibrant city of Famagusta, the campus of Uluslararası Kıbrıs Üniversitesi (CIU) is a testament to modernity and international collaboration. As an international university, CIU welcomes students from various countries, creating a dynamic and diverse community where cultures and ideas converge. The campus itself embodies a modern international atmosphere, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities provided by the university to foster academic and administrative excellence. CIU stands as a beacon of higher education in the TRNC, recognized as one of the best universities in the region. With a focus on both academic and social pursuits of our students, CIU offers studio-type dorms that provide a comfortable living environment for students and faculty. Meals at the campus canteen are both affordable and convenient, with options ranging from €4500 to €9000 per year.

Fostering Global Education at CIU: A Modern Campus of Diversity

Situated on a sprawling campus, Cyprus International University (CIU) stands as a testament to modernity in higher education. A global melting pot, CIU hosts students from diverse countries, fostering cross-cultural interactions and enriching the academic environment. The CIU library, a hub of knowledge and research, caters to the intellectual needs of students and faculty alike. Recognized by YÖDAK and esteemed higher educational institutions, CIU is a beacon of quality education in the region. With a dedicated administrative staff, the university ensures a seamless learning experience for all its students.

Accreditations and Memberships of Cyprus International University

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 (  YÖK  )
 (  MUDEK  )
 (  ILEDAK  ).
 (  ECPR  )
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Sample of the English language exam

Sample of the English language exam
If you do not pass the exam, you will study one year of English language and then start at university

Bachelor Programs fees

ProgramlanguageThesisfeesNumber of years
business administrationEN3,098 €4
EconomicsEN3,098 €4
Management engineeringEN3,098 €4
Radio and tilivisionEN3,098 €4
Radio, Television and cenimaEN3,098 €4
Molecular biology and geneticsEN3,098 €4
Translation and interpretation / EnglishEN3,098 €4
graphic designEN3,098 €4
Nutrition and DieteticsEN3,098 €4
nursingEN3,098 €4
Preschool educationEN3,098 €4
Tourism and hotel managementEN3,098 €4
pharmacyEN4,098 €5
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationEN3,098 €4
Public Relations and AdvertisingEN3,098 €4
social workEN3,098 €4
Accounting and FinanceEN3,098 €4
BioengineeringEN3,098 €4
Information Technology securityEN3,098 €4
Plant production and techniquesEN3,098 €4
English language teachingEN3,098 €4
Communication DesignEN3,098 €4
visual communication designEN3,098 €4
interior designEN3,098 €4
Computer education and educational technologiesEN3,098 €4
Information TechnologyEN3,098 €4
JournalismEN3,098 €4
Clinical PharmacyEN4,098 €6
dentistryEN5,498 €5
MedicineEN6,654 €6
International relationsEN3,098 €4
Data ScienceEN3,098 €4
psychologyEN3,098 €4
Plant science and technologyEN3,098 €4
Gastronomy and Culinary ArtsEN3,098 €4
International lawEN3,098 €4
Management Information SystemsEN3,098 €4

Master Programs Fees

ProgramlanguageThesisfeesNumber of years
business administrationENthesis3,500 €2
Marketing ManagementENthesis3,500 €2
Medical institution managementENthesis3,500 €2
Engineering ManagementENthesis3,500 €2
EconomicsENthesis3,500 €2
New media and communicationsEN3,500 €2
graphic designENthesis3,500 €2
nursingENthesis3,500 €2
Tourism and hotel managementENthesis3,500 €2
social workENthesis3,500 €2
English language and literatureENthesis3,500 €2
Accounting and FinanceENthesis3,500 €2
BioengineeringENthesis3,500 €2
International Banking and FinanceENthesis3,500 €2
English language teachingENthesis3,500 €2
interior designENthesis3,500 €2
Information communication techniques in educationENthesis3,500 €2
Information TechnologyENthesis3,500 €2
International relationsENthesis3,500 €2
Counseling psychologyENthesis3,500 €2
environmental sciencesENthesis3,500 €2
International lawENthesis3,500 €2
ChemistryENthesis3,500 €2
Management Information SystemsENthesis3,500 €2

Diploma programs Fees

ProgramlanguageThesisfeesNumber of years
Radio and tilivisionEN3,098 €2
First and emergency aidEN3,098 €2
Public Relations and AdvertisingEN3,098 €2
Computer programmingEN3,098 €2
construction techniquesEN3,098 €2
English preparatory yearEN3,098 €1

Phd Programs Fees

ProgramlanguageThesisfeesNumber of years
business administrationEN6,500 €4
Health ManagementEN6,500 €4
Management engineeringEN6,500 €4
New media and communicationsEN3,098 €4
Tourism and hotel managementEN6,500 €4
Pharmaceutical SciencesEN6,500 €4
BioengineeringEN6,500 €4
English language teachingEN6,500 €4
International relationsEN6,500 €4
environmental sciencesEN6,500 €4

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