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The University of Kyrenia was established in 1978. Once the legal formalities were completed, the University of Kyrenia (KU) was established in Kyrenia, one of the most beautiful and historical cities in Cyprus.

The University of Kyrenia assumed full control of the faculties of marine studies; Maritime Administration, Management and Marine Sciences. It also took charge of the Postgraduate Program in Maritime Transportation and Management and all Maritime Vocational School programs (with all its infrastructure and superstructure) of NEU. Working with the existing infrastructure for students and lecturers from the very beginning has given the university the advantage of providing an exemplary education with deep-rooted experience.

Health Sciences and Medicine at the University of Kyrenia was inaugurated in 2015. Starting from the beginning of the academic year 2018-2019, we offer a total of 14 colleges, 1 academic, 2 vocational schools, 4 postgraduate programs and 45 programmes. 

Confessions of Kyrenia University:

  • The University obtained the approval of the Ministry of National Education of the TRNC and obtained accreditation from the Higher Education Planning, Accreditation and Coordination Board (YODAK), on March 19, 2013 (Law No. 33/2006-12).
  • After accrediting YODAK and fulfilling all the necessary criteria, the University of Kyrenia applied for approval from the Turkish Higher Education Council (YOK). This was granted by the university on January 16, 2014, and officially incorporated on January 28, 2014 (Document No. 75850160.301.01.182)
  • Kyrenia University FTO has been approved by the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Kyrenia University has its own unique “Quality Management System” which covers the “Quality Assurance System” specified in the “FTO Quality Management Manuel” approved by the DGCA. 

Research work at the University of Kyrenia:

  • The University Council approved the construction of Dr. Swat Gonsel Hospital at the University of Kyrenia, which includes 20 medical clinics, in an effort to encourage the development of medical education and research.
  • The University of Kyrenia is based on establishing knowledge, research programs and scientific publishing.
  • The University of Kyrenia has been involved in a variety of marine research projects funded by the EU and TUBITAK during our short history.
    Promotes marine research activities through its research vessel, M/Y J. TEAL, which is equipped with the latest technology.

Study programs at the University of Kyrenia

  • College of Maritime Studies
  • College of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • College of Law
  • College of Tourism
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • College of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Sciences and Literature
  • College of Architecture
  • College of Engineering
  • Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences
  • Vocational Maritime School

Advantages of joining the university:

The University of Kyrenia provides job opportunities as it hires graduates of the marine departments as employees of maritime institutions and works as operators in ports and all companies related to the maritime administration. It also provides students with opportunities, as the university implements all programs that focus on training cadres in administrative support, technical support, and training to meet the needs of the maritime agency. Likewise, all students have skills and knowledge in the maritime administration, a lot of experience, and they have knowledge, voyage planning, and experience in port and station services as well as marine insurance issues.

Recreation and student life at Kyrenia University:

  • The University of Kyrenia provides university accommodation of different sizes according to the number of residents.
  • Kyrenia University provides service and recreational facilities.
  • It also provides security, hygiene, canteens and other services

General requirements for admission to the university level:

 – General secondary certificate or its equivalent

– English language certificate (not necessary and can study for a year at the university)A copy of a valid passport

– Grade transcript for bridging students (completion) 

Kyrenia University Scholarships:

 The University of Kyrenia supports undergraduate students and offers scholarships to foreign students according to their academic performance. The University of Kyrenia offers scholarships represented in covering tuition fees, housing, and a cash allowance for the student.

Bachelor Programs fees

ProgramlanguageThesisfeesNumber of years
business administrationEN2,100 €4
Aviation ManagementEN2,100 €4
logistics managementEN2,100 €4
Psychological Counselling and GuidanceTR2,100 €4
special educationEN2,100 €4
special educationTR2,100 €4
Nutrition and DieteticsTR2,100 €4
nursingEN1,670 €4
nursingTR1,670 €4
Tourism and hotel managementEN2,100 €4
pharmacyEN4,300 €5
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationEN2,100 €4
Banking and FinanceEN2,100 €4
English language teachingEN2,100 €4
Civil Aviation Cabin ServicesEN3,140 €4
dentistryEN5,800 €5
dentistryTR5,800 €5
MedicineEN6,300 €6
MedicineTR6,300 €6
PilotageEN10,700 €4
International relationsEN2,100 €4
interior architectureTR2,100 €4
Gastronomy and Culinary ArtsEN2,100 €4
Gastronomy and Culinary ArtsTR2,100 €4
LAWTR2,100 €4
LAWEN2,100 €4

Master Programs Fees

ProgramlanguageThesisfeesNumber of years
Banking and FinanceENthesis1,030 €2
Banking and FinanceENNon-Thesis1,030 €1.5
Big data analyticsENthesis1,030 €2
International relationsENthesis1,030 €2
International relationsENNon-Thesis1,030 €1.5
clinical empryologyENthesis1,030 €2
Aviation SciencesENthesis1,030 €2

Diploma Programs Fees

ProgramlanguageThesisfeesNumber of years
Marine transportation managementEN2,100 €2
Ship MashineryEN2,100 €2
Marine Management and OperationsEN2,100 €2
First and emergency aidEN2,100 €2
AnesthesiaEN2,100 €2
Civil Aviation Cabin ServicesEN3,140 €2
PilotageEN3,140 €2
Gastronomy and Culinary ArtsEN2,100 €2
Gastronomy and Culinary ArtsTR2,100 €2

Phd Programs Fees

ProgramlanguageThesisfeesNumber of years
Allergy and LmmunologyEN2,500 €4

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