Near East University NEU

I. Introduction

Picking the best university is important for students. The right choice can help you do well in school and work later. Near East University is in Northern Cyprus and is a top school in the area. its higher education institution. It has many different programs for students from all over the world. The pride of the university is a library with an area of ​​more than 15,000 square meters. with 150 million electronic . It has Olympic Swimming Pool. the first and only indoor Olympic pool in TRNC.

II. Tuition fees at Near East University

Choosing a university can be tricky for students. One important thing to think about is how much it costs. At Near East University, the cost of studying depends on what program you want to do. For some programs, like Medicine and Dentistry, it costs €7,500 per year. For other programs, like graduate programs, it can cost €3,100 per year. Compared to other universities, the fees at Near East University are pretty good for the quality of education you get. Near East University also helps students with scholarships and money help. They give scholarships to students who do really well, and they have other ways to help students pay for their education, like loans and payment plans.

III. Near East University Recognition and accreditation of

AWhen you’re picking a university, it’s important to think about whether it’s recognized and respected all over the world. Near East University is a good choice because it has been approved by lots of important organizations, like the European Association of Medical Education and the European University Association. These groups check to make sure that the programs the university offers are really good quality. That means when you get your degree from Near East University, people all over the world will know it’s a good one. Compared to other universities, Near East University is one of the best when it comes to international recognition and accreditation. So if you want to make sure your degree is recognized and respected all over the world, Near East University is a great choice.

IV. Near East University Scholarships

At Near East University, there are many scholarships available to help students pay for their education. These scholarships are for students who do really well in school and need some extra help to pay for it. These scholarships are available for students doing undergraduate or graduate programs, and even for students from other countries. To apply for a scholarship, you need to fill out an application and provide some papers to prove you are eligible. There are different types of scholarships, like ones for good grades, ones for students who need money, ones for sports, and ones for international students. Each scholarship has different rules about who can apply, but you usually need to have good grades and show that you need the money.

V. Public or private?

Near East University is a special type of school that is owned and paid for by a group called the Near East College Educational Foundation. Because it’s not run by the government, it gets to decide what kinds of classes and activities it offers to students. It also has more money to spend on things like research and special projects. Compared to other schools that are run by the government, Near East University has smaller classes and more attention from teachers. This means that students get more help and support from their teachers.

VI. Near East University Rankings and achievements

Near East University is a very good school that is rated highly by experts. According to a group called the QS World University Rankings, it’s one of the best schools in Cyprus and Turkey. It’s even ranked in the top 1000 schools in the whole world! The school has won many awards for its good programs and research. One reason why the school is so good is that it really cares about doing well in academics and research. It has many centers where people can work together and come up with new ideas. This helps students learn about new things and be a part of new discoveries.

VII. Studying in Cyprus

Going to school in Cyprus is a good idea because it has many benefits. You can get a really good education and meet people from many different cultures. Cyprus also has a lot of cool things to see and learn about. And the best part is that it’s not too expensive compared to other places in Europe. But there are also some things to be careful about. For example, people in Cyprus speak a different language and have different customs. Also, sometimes there can be disagreements between different groups of people.

 VIII. Conclusion

Choosing the right university is a big decision that can affect your future. Near East University is a great university that offers many programs and scholarships. Whether you’re from another country or from Cyprus, Near East University is a good choice. You can get a good education and meet people from different cultures. The tuition fees are not too high and there are many scholarships available. Near East University has a good reputation and can help you achieve your career goals.

NEU Grand Library

The Near East University Grand Library is a big and cool library located in a university in a place called Nicosia, which is in Northern Cyprus. It has many books, journals, and computers that students and teachers can use to learn and do research. The library is very important for the university because it helps students to learn better and be smart. The library is also a fun place to be because it has special rooms for students to study and work together.

Common questions about Near East University

Bachelor Programs fees

ProgramlanguageThesisfeesNumber of years
ActingTR2,665 €4
Actuarial ScienceTR2,665 €4
Adult education teachingTR2,665 €4
ArchitectureEN2,665 €4
ArchitectureTR2,665 €4
Art teachingTR2,665 €4
artificial intelligence engineeringEN2,665 €4
AudiologyEN2,665 €4
AudiologyTR2,665 €4
Automotive EngineeringEN2,665 €4
Automotive EngineeringTR2,665 €4
Banking and AccountingEN2,665 €4
Banking and FinanceEN2,665 €4
Banking and FinanceTR2,665 €4
BioengineeringEN2,665 €4
Biomedical EngineeringEN2,665 €4
Business AdministrationEN2,665 €4
Business AdministrationEN2,665 €4
Business AdministrationTR2,665 €4
Cartoon and AnimationTR2,665 €4
Child DevelopmentTR3,665 €4
Civil EngeneeringEN2,665 €4
Civil EngeneeringTR2,665 €4
Computer EngeneeringTR2,665 €4
Computer information SystemsEN2,665 €4
computer information SystemsTR2,665 €4
DentistryEN9,300 €5
DentistryTR9,300 €5
EconomicsEN2,665 €4
EconomicsTR2,655 €4
Emergency and Disaster ManagementTR2,665 €4
English language and literatureEN2,665 €4
environmental engineeringEN2,665 €4
European Union relationsEN2,665 €4
European Union relationsTR2,665 €4
food engineeringTR2,665 €4
Gastronomy and Culinary ArtsEN2,665 €4
Gastronomy and Culinary ArtsTR2,665 €4
geographyTR2,665 €4
gerontologyTR2,665 €4
graphic designTR2,665 €4
Hair care and beauty servicesTR2,665 €4
Health ManagementTR2,665 €4
Industrial engineeringEN2,665 €4
Information Systems EngineeringEN2,665 €4
Information Systems EngineeringTR2,665 €4
interior architectureEN2,665 €4
interior architectureTR2,665 €4
international Business AdministrationEN2,665 €4
International lawEN2,665 €4
International relationsEN2,665 €4
International relationsTR2,665 €4
JournalismEN2,665 €4
JournalismTR2,665 €4
knowledge managementTR2,665 €4
landscape architectureEN2,665 €4
lawTR2,665 €4
management information systemEN2,665 €4
management information systemTR2,665 €4
marketingEN2,665 €4
marketingTR2,665 €4
Materials sciences and nanotechnology engineeringEN2,665 €4
MathematicsEN2,665 €4
MathematicsTR2,665 €4
Mechanical EngineeringEN2,665 €4
Mechanical EngineeringTR2,665 €4
Mechatronics EngineeringEN2,665 €4
MedicineEN10,175 €6
MedicineTR10,175 €6
Mental health and psychiatric nursingTR2,665 €4
Molecular Biology & GeneticsEN2,665 €4
Molecular Biology & GeneticsTR2,665 €4
nursingEN2,665 €4
nursingTR2,665 €4
Nutrition and DieteticsEN2,665 €4
Nutrition and DieteticsTR2,665 €4
Petroleum and Natural Gas EngineeringEN2,665 €4
pharmacyEN4,240 €5
PhilosophyTR2,665 €4
PhilosophyTR2,665 €4
Physical Education and SportsTR2,665 €4
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationTR2,665 €4
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationEN2,665 €4
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationTR2,665 €4
Political ScienceEN2,665 €4
Political ScienceTR2,665 €4
Preschool educationEN2,665 €4
Preschool educationTR2,665 €4
psychologyEN2,665 €4
psychologyTR2,665 €4
public administrationEN2,665 €4
public administrationTR2,665 €4
Public Relations and AdvertisingEN2,665 €4
Public Relations and AdvertisingTR2,665 €4
Radio and cinemaEN2,665 €4
social sciences teachingTR2,665 €4
social workTR2,665 €4
Software engineeringEN2,665 €4
special educationEN2,665 €4
special educationTR2,665 €4
Speech and Language TherapyTR2,665 €4
Sports managementTR2,665 €4
Technological Design TeachingTR2,665 €4
TheologyTR2,665 €4
Tourism and hotel managementEN2,665 €4
Tourism and hotel managementTR2,665 €4
Turkish language and literatureTR2,665 €4
Veterinary MedicineEN4,240 €4
Veterinary MedicineTR4,240 €4
Visual Communication DesignTR2,665 €4

Diploma Programs Fees

ProgramlanguageThesisfeesNumber Of Years
Accounting and taxationEN2,665 €2
Accounting and taxationTR2,665 €2
Alternative Energy and Sources TechnologyTR2,665 €2
AnesthesiaTR1,030 €2
Applied English and TranslationEN2,665 €2
ArchitectureTR2,665 €2
AudiometryTR2,665 €2
Automotive TechnologyTR2,665 €2
Banking and InsuranceEN2,665 €2
banking and insuranceTR2,665 €2
Biomedical Device TechnologiesTR2,665 €2
Child DevelopmentTR2,665 €2
CinemaEN2,665 €2
Computer ProgrammingEN2,665 €2
construction and Technical drawing TechnologiesTR2,665 €2
DialysisEN2,665 €2
Elderly CareTR2,665 €2
Electrical and Electronic EngineeringTR2,665 €2
Electronic TechnologiesEN2,665 €2
Electronic TechnologiesTR2,665 €2
First and emergency aidTR2,665 €2
First and emergency aidEN2,665 €2
graphic designTR2,665 €4
Hair care and beauty servicesTR2,665 €4
medical imaging technologiesEN2,665 €2
Operating room servicesEN2,665 €2
Operating room servicesTR2,665 €2
oral and dental healthTR2,665 €2
Pathology laboratory techniquesTR2,665 €4
Perfusion techniquesTR2,665 €4
pharmacy servicesEN2,665 €2
physiotherapyEN2,665 €2
physiotherapyTR2,665 €2
radiotherapyEN2,665 €2
Sports managementEN2,665 €2
Tourism and hotel managementEN2,665 €2
Visual Communication DesignTR2,665 €2

Master Programs fees

ProgramlanguageThesisfeesNumber of years
Analytical ChemistryENthesis1,177 €2
Analytical ChemistryTRthesis1,177 €2
Analytical ChemistryTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Analytical ChemistryENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
AnatomyENthesis1,177 €2
AnatomyTRthesis1,177 €2
AnatomyENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
AnatomyTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Arabic language and literatureARthesis1,569 €2
Arabic language and literatureTRthesis1,177 €2
ArchitectureENthesis1,177 €2
ArchitectureENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Art HistoryTRthesis1,177 €2
artificial intelligence engineeringENthesis1,177 €2
Arts and cultural mangmentTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Arts and DesignTRthesis1,177 €2
Banking and AccountingARthesis1,569 €2
Banking and AccountingENthesis1,177 €2
Banking and AccountingARNon-Thesis1,569 €1.5
Banking and AccountingENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Banking and FinanceARthesis1,569 €2
Banking and FinanceENthesis1,177 €2
Banking and FinanceENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
BiochemistryENthesis1,177 €2
BiochemistryTRthesis1,177 €2
BiochemistryENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
BiochemistryTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Biology and Medical GeneticsENthesis1,177 €2
Biology and Medical GeneticsENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Biomedical EngineeringENthesis1,177 €2
Biomedical EngineeringENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
BiostatisticsENthesis1,177 €2
BiostatisticsTRthesis1,177 €2
BiostatisticsENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
BiostatisticsTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Business AdministrationENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Business AdministrationENthesis1,177 €2
Business AdministrationENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Business AdministrationARthesis1,569 €2
ChemistryENthesis1,177 €2
Child health and disease nursingTRthesis1,177 €2
Child health and disease nursingTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Civil EngeneeringENthesis1,177 €2
Civil EngeneeringENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Clinical EngeneeringENthesis1,177 €2
Clinical pharmacyENthesis1,177 €2
Clinical pharmacyTRthesis1,177 €2
Clinical pharmacyENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Clinical pharmacyTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Clinical PsychologyTRthesis1,177 €2
Computer EngeneeringENthesis1,177 €2
Computer information SystemsENthesis1,177 €2
Computer information SystemsENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
construction managementENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
creative drama in educationTRthesis1,177 €2
creative drama in educationTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
criminal chemistry and toxicologyTRthesis1,177 €2
criminal chemistry and toxicologyTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
EconomicsARthesis1,569 €2
EconomicsENthesis1,177 €2
EconomicsENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
educational Administration and supervisionENthesis1,177 €2
educational Administration and supervisionTRthesis1,177 €2
educational Administration and supervisionENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
educational Administration and supervisionTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Electrical and Electronic EngineeringENthesis1,177 €2
English language and literatureENthesis1,177 €2
English language and literatureENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
English language TeachingENthesis1,177 €2
English language TeachingENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
environmental educationENthesis1,177 €2
environmental educationTRthesis1,177 €2
Environmental science engineeringENthesis1,177 €2
European Union relationsENthesis1,177 €2
European Union relationsENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
food engineeringENthesis1,177 €2
Fundamentals of Nursing and Nursing AdministrationTRthesis1,177 €2
Fundamentals of Nursing and Nursing AdministrationTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
general psychologyTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
general psychologyARNon-Thesis1,569 €1.5
general psychologyENthesis1,177 €2
geographyTRthesis1,177 €2
geographyTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
graphic designTRthesis1,177 €2
Histology and embryologyENthesis1,177 €2
Histology and embryologyENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
human resource development educationENthesis1,177 €2
human resource development educationENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
human resource development educationTRthesis1,177 €2
human resource development educationTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Information Systems EngineeringENthesis1,177 €2
Innovation and knowledge managementENthesis1,177 €2
interior architectureENthesis1,177 €2
interior architectureENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
international businessENthesis1,177 €2
international businessENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
International lawENthesis1,177 €2
International relationsARthesis1,177 €2
International relationsENthesis1,177 €2
International relationsENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
landscape architectureENthesis1,177 €2
marketingENthesis1,177 €2
marketingENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Marketing ManagementENthesis1,177 €2
Marketing ManagementENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
MathematicsENthesis1,177 €2
Mechanical EngineeringENthesis1,177 €2
Mechatronics EngineeringENthesis1,177 €2
Medical BiochemistryENthesis1,177 €2
Medical BiochemistryENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Medical BiotechnologyTRthesis1,177 €2
Medical BiotechnologyTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Medical Microbiology and Clinical MicrobiologyENthesis1,177 €2
Medical Microbiology and Clinical MicrobiologyENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Mental health and psychiatric nursingTRthesis1,177 €2
Mental health and psychiatric nursingTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Molecular Biology & GeneticsENthesis1,177 €2
Molecular Biology & GeneticsENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
nursingENthesis1,177 €2
nursingENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
nursingTRthesis1,177 €2
nursingTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Nutrition and DieteticsTRthesis1,177 €2
Nutrition and DieteticsTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Obstetrics and GynecologyENthesis1,177 €2
Obstetrics and GynecologyENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Ottoman paleontology and archivingTRthesis1,177 €2
Ottoman paleontology and archivingTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Petroleum and Natural Gas EngineeringENthesis1,177 €2
Petroleum and Natural Gas EngineeringENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Pharmaceutical BotanyENthesis1,177 €2
Pharmaceutical BotanyENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Pharmaceutical BotanyTRthesis1,177 €2
Pharmaceutical BotanyTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.4
PharmacognosyENthesis1,177 €2
PharmacognosyENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
PharmacognosyTRthesis1,177 €2
PharmacognosyTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
PharmacologyENthesis1,177 €2
PharmacologyENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
PharmacologyTRthesis1,177 €2
PharmacologyTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Physical Education and SportsTRthesis1,177 €2
Physical Education and SportsTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
PhysiologyTRthesis1,177 €2
PhysiologyTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationTRthesis1,177 €2
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
PhytotherapyENthesis1,177 €2
PhytotherapyENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
PhytotherapyTRthesis1,177 €2
PhytotherapyTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
PiophysicsTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Political ScienceENthesis1,177 €2
Preschool educationENthesis1,177 €2
Preschool educationTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
private lawARthesis1,858 €2
private lawTRthesis1,177 €2
Public lawARthesis1,858 €2
Public lawTRthesis1,177 €2
Security StudiesARthesis1,569 €2
Security StudiesTRthesis1,177 €2
Software engineeringENthesis1,177 €2
special educationENthesis1,177 €2
special educationENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
special educationTRthesis1,177 €2
special educationTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Surgical NursingTRthesis1,177 €2
Surgical NursingTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Tourism managementENthesis1,177 €2
Tourism managementENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
toxicologyENthesis1,177 €2
toxicologyENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
toxicologyTRthesis1,177 €2
toxicologyTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
Turkish language and literatureTRthesis1,177 €2
zoo techniquesENthesis1,177 €2
zoo techniquesENNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5
zoo techniquesTRthesis1,177 €2
zoo techniquesTRNon-Thesis1,177 €1.5

Phd Programs Fees

ProgramlanguageThesisfeesNumber of years
Allergy and LmmunologyEN1,385 €4
Analytical ChemistryEN1,385 €4
Analytical ChemistryTR1,385 €4
AnatomyTR1,385 €4
Animal Nutrition and nutritonal DiseasesEN1,385 €
ArchitectureEN1,385 €4
ArchitectureTR1,385 €4
Arts and DesignTR1,385 €4
Banking and FinanceEN1,385 €4
BiochemistryEN1,385 €4
BiochemistryTR1,385 €4
Biology and Medical GeneticsEN1,385 €
Biomedical EngineeringEN1,385 €4
BiostatisticsEN1,385 €4
BiostatisticsTR1,385 €4
Business AdministrationAR1,543 €4
Business AdministrationEN1,385 €4
Child health and disease nursingTR1,385 €4
Civil EngeneeringEN1,385 €4
Clinical pharmacyEN2,094 €4
Clinical pharmacyTR2,094 €4
Computer EngeneeringEN1,385 €4
Computer information SystemsEN1,385 €4
EconomicsAR1,543 €4
EconomicsEN1,385 €4
Electrical and Electronic EngineeringEN1,385 €4
EndodonticsTR2,049 €4
English language TeachingEN1,385 €4
environmental educationEN1,385 €4
environmental educationTR1,385 €4
food technologiesEN1,385 €4
Fundamentals of Nursing and Nursing AdministrationTR1,385 €4
general psychologyTR1,385 €4
graphic designTR1,385 €4
handicapped mentally teachingTR1,385 €4
Innovation and knowledge managementEN1,385 €4
interior architectureEN1,385 €4
International lawEN1,385 €4
Maritime LawEN1,385 €4
MathematicsEN1,385 €4
Mechanical EngineeringEN1,385 €4
Medical BiochemistryEN1,385 €
Medical Microbiology and Clinical MicrobiologyEN1,385 €4
Molecular Biology & GeneticsEN1,385 €4
nursingEN1,385 €4
nursingTR1,385 €4
Nutrition and DieteticsTR1,385 €4
Obstetrics and GynecologyEN2,252 €
Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeryTR2,252 €4
orthodonticsTR2,049 €4
Petroleum and Natural Gas EngineeringEN1,385 €4
Pharmaceutical BotanyEN1,385 €4
Pharmaceutical BotanyTR2,094 €4
PharmacognosyEN2,094 €4
PharmacognosyTR2,094 €4
PharmacologyEN2,094 €4
PharmacologyTR2,094 €4
PhysiologyTR1,385 €4
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationTR1,385 €4
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationTR1,385 €4
PhytotherapyEN1,385 €4
PhytotherapyTR1,385 €4
Political Science and International RelationsAR1,543 €4
Political Science and International RelationsEN1,385 €4
special educationEN1,385 €4
special educationTR1,385 €4
Surgical NursingTR1,385 €4
toxicologyEN1,385 €4
toxicologyTR1,385 €4
Veterinary Internal MedicineEN2,094 €4
Veterinary MicrobiologyEN2,094 €4
zoo techniquesTR1,385 €4

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