Istanbul Bilgi University

An overview of Istanbul Bilgi University:

Istanbul Bilgi University is considered one of the most important private universities in Turkey, which has reached a high and prestigious international rank and has obtained international accreditations and a high ranking among universities. In Istanbul Bilgi University, many well-known Turkish personalities studied in the artistic or political field. The university is basically a foundation university founded on the principle of learning for life, not for science. The university is mainly interested in engineering, technical, scientific, and artistic disciplines. It is considered a destination for many students wishing to study engineering and architecture majors, and various engineering in general. It is a destination for many international students. The university has many international, and regional recognitions. It is recognized mainly by the European Union, and it has many agreements with a different country with many universities. The university is developed gradually over many years. It has reached the global ranking of approximately 1340 and reached the 18th rank at the local level among 200 universities in Turkey. It meets the modern vision of engineering and scientific disciplines. It tries to apply the principles of development and modernization in society to local and regional level. The university has obtained many different international accreditations and recognitions. More than 50,000 students have graduated from the university so far. The university now includes more than 26,000 students. It has many international students from all over the world. Istanbul Bilgi University has many recognitions in the Arab Gulf countries, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, some African countries, the Arab Maghreb, Iran, and East Asia. Therefore, it is a great destination for international students, especially those interested in various engineering fields. More than 1,000 different activities and events are held at the university annually, through which prizes are distributed and various lectures and events are given by eminent personalities.

The establishment of Istanbul Bilgi University:

Istanbul Bilgi University was established in 1996 by the Turkish Grand National Assembly to meet scientific aspirations and important visions in the field of development. A rapid and significant development is taking place in the field of technology, science, and information programming. Through more than 26 years of development, Istanbul Bilgi University was able to reach a high scientific rank and a leading level among the various Turkish universities. Istanbul Bilgi University includes more than 7 faculties, 3 institutes, and more than 140 different programs are taught in all fields. The university has more than 95 clubs for students’ entertainment. It holds various recreational and sports activities and celebrations throughout the year. More than 1,000 annual events take place at the university. The university adopts the English language in its various bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs. It is one of the distinguished Turkish universities that adopt the method of learning and training. Students at Istanbul Bilgi University apply professional training in all fields in parallel with their academic studies. This training qualifies all its students to enter and engage in the labor market directly, especially in the disciplines of architecture, programming, and various engineering. The university has more than 250 international agreements for more than 45

 programs for cultural exchange and scholarships. Students receive a high percentage of annual scholarships in these programs for cultural exchange. The university has a huge library that includes hundreds of thousands of electronic and printed books, in addition to tens of thousands of theses and dissertations for master’s and doctoral programs in all disciplines. The university seeks to provide graduates with critical and analytical thinking skills to find radical solutions to future problems. The psychology major at the university is accredited to the highest rating among Turkish universities. The university is considered one of the most Turkish universities that have published books in the field of journalism and media, with a number of more than 700 books.

Centers of Istanbul Bilgi University:

 Istanbul Bilgi University includes the main campus, “Santral Campus”, which includes an important cultural and entertainment complex. It contains the first power station in Turkey.

As for the second campus, the Dolapdere campus is located in the Beyoglu area. It is characterized by a very sophisticated architectural design. As for the last campus, it is the Kush Tepe campus. It is located in the Sisli area.

Faculties, institutes and programs at Istanbul Bilgi University

  • Business Management civil
  • engineering computer
  • engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering Energy
  • systems engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Department of Culture and Arts Arts management Modern
  • media and communications
  • Radio, Film and Television
  • International Relations
  • International trade

Undergraduate Programs fees

Master Programs Fees

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Phd Programs Fees

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