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About Istanbul Ishik University

Istanbul Ishik University was founded in 1996 in the European city of Istanbul by the Feyziye Foundation and the university is a key member of this institution. It is founded on a square in green spaces, lands, gardens, and modern buildings. It includes the College of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences, and the College of Fine Arts and Architecture.

This campus is located in the famous Sheila area of ​​Istanbul, close to the tourist coast of Sheila, and close to the hidden lake. Istanbul Ishik University includes more than four faculties with more than 40 different bachelor’s programs In addition to 35 different master’s programs and 6 doctoral programs. Istanbul Ishik University adopts English as the main language of study and contains some other specializations in the Turkish language. The university owns a university residence, which is the largest, and which contains more than 1,500 university students in 16 different buildings equipped with the best furniture, equipment, services, restaurants, cafes, markets, services, and libraries necessary for study.

The number of Ishik University students is about 8,000 students, and the number of graduates from the university is more than 15,000 graduates, including local, and international students.

Advantages of joining the university

 The university owns more than 50 clubs for sports, activities and entertainment. Istanbul Işık University has many international agreements with dozens of universities for cultural exchange programs, scientific cooperation and grants such as the famous Erasmus program.

The university includes a huge library that includes more than 700 thousand electronic and printed books.

Istanbul Ishik University seeks to be a leader in the scientific, research and development fields among Turkish universities and has a good academic staff and high scientific competencies.

Centers of Istanbul Ishik University:

 The main campus of Istanbul Ishik University is located in the Istanbul Sile region, close to the famous Sile coast, near which Lake Sile Agva is located on a vast green area exceeding 500,000 square meters. It includes the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, and the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture. In addition, It has modern and large housing More than 15,000 students in 16 buildings equipped with the best services, furniture and supplies for students, and it is like a large and huge university city.

As for the second campus of Istanbul Ishik University, it is the Maslak campus, which is located in the Maslak area and includes the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and cultural and musical seminars. The university has more than 100 agreements with more than one European and American university for cultural exchange programs and knowledge cooperation. It seeks to reach a distinguished and pioneering rank in all fields. The university has reached a global ranking of about 3000, and a local ranking of about 100 at the local level.

Faculties, institutes and programs at Istanbul Ishik University

  • Economy
  • Business Management
  • Political science and public administration
  • Information management systems
  • Interior design and environmental design
  • architecture
  • Computer Engineering
  • the industrial engineering
  • Medical equipment engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • civil engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • Mechatronics engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Information management systems
  • architecture

Undergraduate Programs fees

Master Programs Fees

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Phd Programs Fees

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