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About Eastern Mediterranean University

Eastern Mediterranean University was ranked among the best 1500 universities in the world as it is recognized in most Arab countries as well as recognized and accredited in Europe and the United States.Confessions of Eastern Mediterranean UniversityRecognized by (the Higher Education Council of the Republic of Turkey)

– the Higher Education Examination and Evaluation Council in Northern Cyprus

– the UK Recognition Center

-Accreditation of the College of Education from EDEXCEL

– Educational ExcellenceAccreditation of the College of Architecture from MIAK

– Accreditation Association for Architectural Education, AQAS

– Agency for Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Study Programs and NAAB

-Architectural Accreditation BoardAccreditation of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences from FIBAA

– International Accreditation Foundation for Business

-AdministrationThe Eastern Mediterranean University is a full member of the European Universities Association (EUA), the International Association of Universities (IAU), the Federation of Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW), the Association of Mediterranean Universities (CMU), and the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO), Association to Advance Collegiate Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), Association of Computing Machinery Students (ACM), the largest computing society in the world, ADEE, European Association of Academies of Conservatories (AEC), American Mathematical Association (AMS), American Education Association ASEE, the European Monetary Union (CMU), and the Association of Institutes of Education.

– In addition to Higher Education in Health and Rehabilitation in Europe (COHEHRE), the European Confederation for Policy Research (ECPR), and the London Chamber of Commerce (LCCI). Universities also have membership in many other organizations, institutions and unions.

Research work at Eastern Mediterranean University:

It owns 28 research centers to train students in applied sciences, and Eastern Mediterranean University seeks to follow up the latest scientific and technological developments through these centers

 Study programs at Eastern Mediterranean University:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Physical therapy
  • Management Information Systems·
  • English translation and interpretation
  • Economy
  • International Trade

Advantages of joining the university:

It is considered one of the universities that have the strongest academic components that may be found in international universities. It also has educational programs that meet all international conditions and standards. It has free transportation from the university to the university. It also has a long history in teaching that extends for more than 42 years in the field of teaching and preparing students in laboratories. One of the most important features is the installment of tuition fees to its students in 6 installments. Without entry fees to Turkey, it also helps students to enter Turkey.

 Entertainment and student life:

  • It owns 10 residential blocks equipped with the best amenities.
  • it is a member of the Erasmus Student Exchange Program.
  • The university provides its students with a strong and rich environment in cultural, scientific and recreational programmes.
  • it also has a great interest in sports and athletes and owns the largest sports palace in Turkey.
  • It has mental health centers for students who may encounter psychological and health problems during their studies.Inside the campus, you will find facilities rich in student services, such as offices, cafes, restaurants, banks, ATMs, and means of transportation.

 General requirements for admission to the university

– General secondary certificate or its equivalent.

– English language certificate (not necessary and can study for a year at the university)

– A copy of a valid passport.

– Grade transcript for bridging students (completion).

Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarships:

Eastern Mediterranean University offers a scholarship of 50% of the tuition fees to all international students applying to study bachelor’s or master’s programs, except for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy.Students of the College of Pharmacy Students obtaining scholarships depends on their educational attainment in high school, and the value of the scholarship ranges between 25% and 50% of the tuition fees only.The opportunity to obtain a 100% scholarship is available to students who excel in their studies and wish to study a bachelor’s degree.

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Undergraduate Programs fees

ProgramYearsLanguageTuition Fees
After Discount
Medicine6EN20.000 $
Dentistry5EN18.250 $
Pharmacy5EN8000 $
Clinical Pharmacy6EN8000 $
Actuarial Science4EN4.200 $
Mathematics And Computer Science4EN4.200 $
Molecular Biology And Genetics4EN4.200 $
Psychology4EN4.200 $
Translation And Interpretation4EN4.200 $
Business Administration4EN4.200 $
Economy4EN4.200 $
International Relations4EN4.200 $
Political Science4EN4.200 $
Public Administration4EN4.200 $
Animation And Games Design4EN4.200 $
Public Relations And Advertising4EN4.200 $
Radio, TV And Film Studies4EN4.200 $
Visual Arts And Communication Design4EN4.200 $
English Language Teaching4EN5200 $
Turkish Language4EN5200 $
Psychological Guidance And Counseling4EN5200 $
Architecture4EN5200 $
Interior Design4EN5200 $
Civil Engineering4EN5200 $
Information Systems Engineering4EN5200 $
Software Engineering4EN5200 $
Computer Engineering4EN5200 $
Information Systems Engineering4EN5200 $
Mechatronic Engineering4EN5200 $
Electrical And Electronic Engineering4EN5200 $
Industrial Engineering
– Business Administration (Double Major)
4EN5200 $
Mechanical Engineering4EN5200 $
Industrial Engineering4EN5200 $
Computer Engineering4EN5200 $
Information Systems Engineering4EN5200 $
Engineering Management4EN5200 $
Mechatronics Engineering4EN5200 $
Computer Engineering4EN5200 $
Software Engineering4EN5200 $
Biomedical Engineering4EN5200 $
Nutrition And Dietetics4EN7200 $
Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation4EN7200 $
Nursing4EN7200 $

Master Programs Fees

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Phd Programs Fees

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