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About Istanbul Aydin University

Istanbul Aydin University is considered one of the best private Turkish universities in Turkey. It includes a group of scientific, health, literary, administrative and technical faculties. English and Turkish are the languages for instruction for most disciplines. The university obtained a good global ranking: The CWUR global ranking of the university is 1515, the local ranking is about 35, and the global ranking in terms of research performance is 1414. But, the university is still on its way to leadership and development at the local and global levels.

Aydın University contains more than 7 faculties around Istanbul. In these faculties, all educational levels are taught, with bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. The main campus of the university is located in the Florya district of Istanbul.

The foundation of Istanbul Aydin University:

The main branch of Istanbul Aydin University was established in 2007 in Florya Istanbul which is in the European section of Istanbul. Then, it began to develop and spread to 7 branches distributed over European and Asian Istanbul. Due to its global and scientific level, it has received strong demand from international students, especially those from Iran and Central Asia. The university includes More than 12 health, technical, administrative, and engineering colleges. It gives  68 bachelor’s degrees, more than 100 master’s programs, and 30 doctoral programs. The university has all scientific facilities, administrative and sports buildings, restaurants, residences, and offices equipped with the best conditions for students

The university also contains a private residence for students in which all housing conditions and a suitable atmosphere for education are met for students. The university contains more than 5,000 international students and the total number of students is more than 35,000 students. The university residences contain restaurants, restrooms, offices, good beds, and bathrooms. The university contains sports halls and swimming pools of the highest quality for students. In addition, there are offices where good and appropriate conditions for study are available.

Centers of Istanbul Aydin University:

Istanbul Aydin University contains a main branch in Florya Istanbul,  and 7 other branches are distributed in Asian and European Istanbul. At Istanbul Eden University, there are more than 6 different hospitals spread across Istanbul,  that are equipped with the best equipment. It also contains more than 30 research branches for students, more than 10 medical centers, and more than 15 technological centers equipped with the best equipment and standards to serve students.

The university contains language centers to teach its students English, Turkish, or other languages ​​through the best educational staff at the university. The university’s language certificate is recognized in all Turkish states.

Istanbul Aydın University’s staff includes more than 1550 employees and academics in various branches. The university has international contracts with hundreds of international universities. And, it is keen to prepare students for the labor market after graduation and to achieve the highest standards in quality to provide good opportunities for its graduates.

Istanbul Aydin University has many recognitions at the European, Middle Eastern, and international levels, which raised the level of the university and its global ranking.

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