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About Istanbul Altinbash University

Istanbul Altinbash University is considered one of the best private Turkish universities. It was established in 2008. A group of businessmen and academics, work on its main campus in the Bagcilar region of European Istanbul, to meet the scientific requirements and the special development visions in the field of education. The university continued its way of development and modernization at all scientific, academic, technical, and health levels. As a result, it has now reached a very good ranking among Turkish universities. Moreover, it has become a focus of interest and demand for many international students, especially Arab students from Iraq, Libya, the Gulf, and the Middle East

The university now has three campuses in different regions of European Istanbul. It has become one of the best medical and health universities in Turkey, especially in the field of human medicine and dentistry, in addition to engineering specializations and the field of programming and technology.

Establishment of Istanbul Altınbash University

Istanbul Altınbash University was established in 2008 under the name of Istanbul Kemerburgaz. And the name changed in 2017 to become Istanbul Altınbash. The university includes 9 faculties in the field of bachelor’s degrees in all medical, engineering, administrative and social fields. In addition to two vocational and technical institutes that include a range of disciplines.

The university aimed to develop the health and medical field. Now, it has become one of the five best universities in Turkey in the field of passing health exams for its graduate students.

In addition, Medicine, engineering, and all disciplines are taught in both English and Turkish languages. The university helps students to prepare for the preparatory year for the language in case they have a weak level in the language.

The number of international students at the university is more than 40% of the university’s students. The university has become one of the leading and strong universities in the field of health and medicine across Turkey. The university teaches more than 110 different programs in all of its faculties. the number of students in the university reached more than 11,000 students.

Advantages of joining the university

Istanbul Altinbash has one of the largest scientific libraries among Turkish universities in Istanbul. The university has many international recognitions from many European and Arab countries. Therefore, it has become a target for many international students, especially in the Middle East.

The ranking of Istanbul Altinbash University reached 1601 in 2022 at the level of Asia. It is continuing to develop to reach a leading level among Turkish and international universities. The university has more than 280 agreements and contracts with more than 40 international universities. There are many annual scholarships for its students in various international programs. One of them is the international Erasmus program, which aims for cultural exchange for international students around the world, especially with the regions of the European Union. Altınbash University is one of the Turkish universities recognized by many Arab countries such as Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen Morocco, Libya, Algeria, and Mauritania, in addition to the Persian Gulf.

Centers of Istanbul Altınbaş University:

The university has a main branch in the Bagcilar district of European Istanbul, next to Mahmoud Bey Station. It has other branches of the university in Istanbul. In addition to the Istanbul Altinbash branch in the Bakirkoy region, which includes the Faculty of Medicine. It is considered one of the largest university spaces in Turkey and includes all the faculties of human medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy in addition to health institutes and laboratories.

There is a private hospital for dental treatment within the campus of Altınbash University, Bakirkoy branch, that is equipped with the best health and medical equipment and high technologies.

The last branch is the branch of the Faculty of Administration and Economics in the Gayrettepe district of Istanbul

Altinbash University contains high-quality student housing with all the luxuries necessary for students in the university, including beds, libraries, resting places, restaurants, special meals, and places for luxury, study, and hobbies. There are different rooms, whether single, double , or quadruple.

The university has obtained many international recognitions and accreditations, which made it highly ranked by international standards.

Faculties, institutes, and programs at Istanbul Altinbaş University

  • Medicine
  •  dentist
  •  Pharmacy
  •  computer engineering
  •  Electrical and electronics engineering
  •  Industrial engineering
  •  Mechanical Engineering
  •  Software Engineering
  •  Interior architecture
  •  Business Management
  •  Economic
  •  psychology
  •  Sociology
  •  Law

Undergraduate Programs fees

Master Programs Fees

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Phd Programs Fees

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