Girne American University (GAU)

About Girne American university

It is the first private university in Cyprus, established in the central district of Girne in North Cyprus in the year 1985, and established by Mr. Serhat Akpinar with the aim of developing and raising educational standards through its innovative and contemporary approach.

Confessions of Girne American university:

Girne American University is an official member of the International Association of Universities (IAU) of UNESCO, the Federation of Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW), the European Business Federation (EFMD), the Association for Business Education and Programs in the United States of America (ACBSP), the leading hospitality schools in Europe (Eurhodip), the European Association of Schools (ECIS), and the International Association of Schools (CIS), the Council of Europe Business Association (ECBE), the European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE), and the International Association of Vocational Schools and Education (IVETA).

  • The University’s Business School is accredited by the International Association for Business Education in the USA (IACBE) and the European Business Association Council (ECBE).
  • Our engineering programs are accredited by ASIIN, the European Union’s leading supervisory and accreditation body for science and engineering.
  • The University’s Preparatory Year English Language Center is accredited by EAQUALS, the most prestigious language accreditation institution in Europe.
  • Programs at GAU are recognized by the Ministries of Education in Western Europe and the United States of America, as well as Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Thailand, Iran, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and many other countries.
  • Listed among the top 100 universities that offer high levels of academic achievement at the postgraduate level. 

Research work at the American University of Girne:

Girne University includes 9 research centers and 22 scientific research laboratories that provide research that is being implemented in the fields of applied science, engineering and technology.

Academic programs at the American University of Girne

  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of medicine
  • College of Economics and Business Administration
  • Faculty of Political Science
  • College of Law
  • College of Health Sciences
  • Faculties of Engineering
  • Faculty of Education
  • College of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts

Advantages of joining the university:

The university has a distinguished number, which is demonstrated by achieving the highest rate of academics holding a doctoral degree according to the number of students. It also has a staff of academic experts in the fields of business administration, economics, law, architecture, communications, human sciences, education, health and aviation. The university has tried to take advantage of the latest developments in technology and teaching methods, during its historical development for nearly 30 years. It also adopts the Turkish and English languages ​​in education.

Entertainment and student life:

University residences provide the highest levels of comfort and luxury for students, while providing them with all basic necessities.

University scholarships are offered to outstanding students.

Multiple social facilities provide students with various types of sports activities.

General requirements for admission to the university level:

– General secondary certificate or its equivalent.

– English language certificate (not necessary and can study for a year at the university)

-A copy of a valid passport.

– Grade transcript for bridging students (completion).

 Girne American University Scholarships:

 The University offers an unconditional 50% tuition fee scholarship, valid for the duration of study, for an applied degree programme.

Each academic year, successful GAU students are awarded additional tuition scholarships of 75% or 100% to further support their studies.

Bachelor Programs fees

ProgramlanguageThesisfeesNumber of years
business administrationEN3,0974
International Business AdminstrationEN3,097 €4
Rescue and Disaster ManagementEN3,097 €4
Petroleum and Gas ManagementEN3,097 €4
Aviation ManagementEN3,097 €4
logistics managementEN3,097 €4
human resource mangmentEN3,097 €4
EconomicsEN3,097 €4
Sports managementEN3,097 €4
Health ManagementEN3,097 €4
Radio, Television and cenimaEN3,097 €4
Translation and interpretation / EnglishEN3,097 €4
RecreationEN3,097 €4
Nutrition and DieteticsEN3,097 €4
American Culture And LiteratureEN3,097 €4
Tourism and hotel managementEN3,097 €4
pharmacyEN4,777 €5
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationEN3,097 €4
Public RelationsEN3,097 €4
Political Science and International RelationsEN3,097 €4
English language and literatureEN3,097 €4
Chinese language and literatureEN3,097 €4
Banking and FinanceEN3,097 €4
Computer and instructional technologiesEN3,097 €4
English language TeachingEN3,097 €4
MarketingEN3,097 €4
graphic designEN3,097 €4
early childhood educationEN3,097 €4
DanceEN3,098 €4
MedicineEN12,000 €6
PilotageEN7,523 €4
Occupational therapyEN3,097 €4
International relationsEN3,097 €4
Actuarial ScienceEN3,097 €4
interior architectureEN3,097 €4
Gastronomy and Culinary ArtsEN3,097 €4
Public lawEN3,097 €4
Marine ship captain and DeckEN3,097 €4
AccountingEN3,097 €4
Management information systemsEN3,097 €4
Marine ship machinery management engineeringEN3,097 €4

Master Programs Fees

ProgramlanguageThesisfeesNumber of years
LAWENthesis3,777 €2
business administrationENthesis3,777 €2
International Business AdminstrationENthesis3,777 €2
consturuction mangmentENthesis3,777 €2
Tourism managementENthesis3,777 €2
financial managementENthesis3,777 €2
EconomicsENthesis3,777 €2
Executive managementENthesis3,777 €2
Health ManagementENthesis3,777 €2
Urban DesignENthesis3,777 €2
JournalismENthesis3,777 €2
Public RelationsEN3,777 €2
Arts and DesignENthesis3,777 €2
English language teachingENthesis3,777 €2
MarketingENthesis3,777 €2
Social PsychologyENthesis3,777 €2
health psychologyENthesis3,777 €2
interior architectureEN3,777 €4
International Business LawENthesis3,777 €2
Management information systemsENthesis3,777 €2

Diploma Programs fees

ProgramlanguageThesisfeesNumber of years
business administrationEN3,098 €2
Marine transportation managementEN3,098 €2
Tourism and hotel managementEN3,098 €2
Public RelationsEN3,098 €4
Public Relations and advertisingEN3,098 €2
Accounting And AuditingEN3,098 €2
Accounting and TaxationEN3,098 €2
Computer programmingEN3,098 €2
BankingEN3,098 €2
banking and insuranceEN3,098 €2
MarketingEN3,098 €2
graphic designEN3,098 €2
Electronic TechnologiesEN3,098 €2
Automotive TechnologyEN3,098 €2
Civil Aviation Cabin ServicesEN3,098 €2
DanceEN3,097 €2
English preparatory ClassEN3,097 €1

Phd Programs Fees

ProgramlanguageThesisfeesNumber of years
business administrationEN5,000 €3
consturuction mangmentEN6,990 €4
Tourism managementEN6,990 €4
financial managementEN6,990 €4
Educational administration and supervisionEN6,990 €4
MarketingEN6,990 €4
LAWEN6,990 €4
Management information systemsEN6,990 €4

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