i. An overview of Istanbul Nisantasi University:

Istanbul Nisantasi University is considered one of the private Turkish universities that have tried to provide educational systems in a modern way. It has developed in recent years to keep pace with the modern renaissance. It is highly desirable to Arab students, especially Iraq, and Libya. 

Istanbul Nisantasi University focused on modern media and journalism, in both English and Turkish, in addition to visual communication and media majors. It also focused on graphic design majors. Istanbul Nisantasi University has the recognition of the European Union and has obtained good and strong accreditations. Istanbul Nisantasi University took care of engineering majors and gave them good care, especially in the field of software and computer, mechanical and civil engineering, and physiotherapy. The university seeks to reach a prestigious position among Turkish private universities. The university has reached a good global ranking since its establishment until now, reaching a ranking of 6000 globally, and 120 local among more than 200 public and private universities in Turkey.

 Istanbul Nisantasi University adopts English as the primary language of teaching, in addition to the Turkish language for some specializations. The university contains modern and advanced workshops, classrooms, and modern classrooms.

 The main campus of Nisantasi University in Maslak is one of the largest university campuses in Turkey with a capacity of 130,000 square meters. It contains more than 210 classrooms, halls for conferences, and private clubs. More than 950 annual events are held at the university.


ii. The establishment of Istanbul Nisantasi University:

 Istanbul Nisantasi University was established in 2009. Its career began at the end of 2011 by the famous Nisantasi Foundation in Istanbul.

 Istanbul Nisantasi University includes 6 faculties, the Faculty of Dentistry and Engineering, the Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Health Sciences, and the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts. It includes more than 60 branches in bachelor’s programs, in addition to 50 branches in postgraduate programs, master’s, and doctoral degrees. The university also includes dozens of vocational schools and scientific institutes, which are equipped with the latest Modern technologies in addition to special studios in the field of media, design and visual communication. Istanbul Nisantasi University has 5 different research centers.

   Istanbul Nisantasi University is considered one of the best private Turkish universities that offers full and partial scholarship. The number of university students reached more than 24,000 university students, of whom 4,000 students received partial and full scholarships. The university has more than 2,500 international students.

 The number of graduates from the university has exceeded 34,000 university students so far since its founding period. The university has more than 700 academics, among the best academics, graduates, qualified people, and administrators. The university has more than 65 cultural clubs in which hundreds of annual events are held throughout the year.

 The university includes the best restaurants, cafes, sports and entertainment centers for students, and restrooms. It has dozens of contracts with international European and regional universities for cultural exchange programs such as Erasmus and others.

 In addition, the university owns more than 120 research and vocational training centers. The university seeks to reach the highest levels of development among Turkish private and public universities. It works on facilitating studies for international students through offers of partial and full scholarships.

iii.Centers of Istanbul Nisantasi University:

The main campus of Istanbul Nisantasi University is located in the European Istanbul region, near Maslak station, with a large area and a high capacity. It includes most of the halls, classrooms, and conference centers in which various activities and celebrations are held. Its capacity and area exceeds 125,000 square meters. It also includes high-quality cafes and restaurants, and private rest centers for students. The second campus is the Osman Bay campus, in which private workshops are located. The third is Sada Bad campus, which includes vocational institutes and schools, in addition to students of the preparatory years for English or Turkish study languages.

iv.Faculties, institutes and programs at  Istanbul Nisantasi University

  • Human Medicine
  • dentist
  • civil engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • architecture
  • Interior architecture
  • Aviation management
  • modern media
  • psychology
  • International Relations
  • Business Management
  • Information management systems
  • Aviation
  • English translation and interpretation

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