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Kadir Has University: Exploring the Excellence of a Jewel in the Heart of Istanbul

Kadir Has University is like a shining star in Istanbul. It’s a super smart place where you can learn lots of amazing things and discover cool cultures. Imagine a place for graduate program where history, awesome teachers, and exciting classes come together at kadir has campus to make learning fun! Let’s dive into this cool guide about Kadir Has University. We’ll explore what makes it special, the fun things you can learn, what it’s like on campus, and all the cool chances you get to have great adventures!

Kadir Has University

Kadir Has University’s campus is like a mix of old and new styles. This makes it a really special place for learning! The campus has lots of things for students, like cool labs, classrooms, a special place for finding jobs, and a big library full of books. And guess what? There are also fun sports and clubs to join!

The campus has 7 different parts, called faculties. Each one is like a special team that teaches different things. There’s a team for science and engineering, another for law, one for money and business, a creative team for art and design, a team for understanding people in society, a team for cool arts, and a team for talking and sharing ideas.

So, at Kadir Has University, you get to learn in a place that’s full of new and exciting things!


More than 20 years ago, a kind person named Mr. Kadir Has started this special school. He really wanted to help kids learn better in Turkey. The school still follows his ideas and helps students do smart research and find clever ways to solve problems that the world has. It’s like they’re all a big team, working together to make things better!

1.2.3 Why Choose Kadir Has University?

• At Kadir Has University, we want everyone – students, teachers, and staff – to share their thoughts and ideas. This way, we create a friendly place where we can talk about smart things.

• We like to keep our classes just the right size. Not too many students, so everyone gets the best learning experience.

• Our teaching is super good – we teach you smart stuff and show you how to do cool things too! And guess what? It doesn’t cost a lot.

• We have really awesome teachers and experts who know lots of things from different countries. They use fun and new ways to teach you, using the latest gadgets and ideas.

Health Care at Kadir Has University

Kadir Has University has special places where you can get help if you’re not feeling well. They have a place for doctors and another place where you can talk about your feelings. These places are always open and are there to help students and the people who work at the university. So, if something is wrong or you need someone to talk to, they’re here to help!


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 Single Room  (Male Students)$5,200$520
Double Room$3,800$380
Triple Room$3,350$335
  Single Room  (Female Students)$4,800$480
 Double Room$3,600$360

Table of Contents

  1. Academic Spectrum 
    • 3.1 Bachelor’s Programs
    • 3.2 Master’s Programs
    • 3.3 Ph.D. Programs
  2. Innovative study Research Initiatives

    • 5.1 Research Centers
    • 5.2 Collaborative Projects
  3. Campus Life and Facilities

    • 6.1 Modern Infrastructure
    • 6.2 Extracurricular Activities
  4. Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

    • 9.1 Outreach Programs
    • 9.2 Contribution to Society
  5. Admission Process and Scholarships announcement

    • 10.1 Undergraduate Admissions
    • 10.2 Graduate Admissions
    • 10.3 Scholarships
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the history behind Kadir Has University’s establishment?
    2. How diverse are the academic programs offered by the university?
    3. Can you elaborate on the research opportunities available to students?
    4. What sets Kadir Has University’s faculty apart?
    5. How does the university contribute to the local community?

Kadir Has University Turkey Introduction

Right smack in the heart of Istanbul, imagine this: there’s this super-duper amazing place named Kadir Has University. It’s like a magical box filled with tons of learning and exciting stories from all around the world. Picture this: it all began in 1997, and since then, this special school has grown into a fantastic place where you can learn about things that happened a long time ago and discover shiny new things too!

History and Founding

Kadir Has University is like a big thank-you hug to the Kadir Has Foundation, a special group that loves helping kids learn and experience amazing things. The university was created with a dream – to give you a place where you can think really hard, create wonderful things, and learn about the whole wide world. It’s like having a magic place where you can become a super smart thinker and a global explorer!

Academic Spectrum

Bachelor’s Programs

Guess what’s waiting for you at the university isn’t its your aim ? Loads of super exciting classes that you can be a part of! They’ve got all sorts of fun things to learn, like art, stories, science, and even building cool stuff. This means you get to choose the one that makes you the happiest and have a super awesome time learning and growing like a curious explorer!

Master’s Programs

When you’re a little older and have grown even bigger, Kadir Has University has some super cool things waiting just for you! Imagine this: they have classes that they call master’s programs. These classes are like special treasure chests where you can learn even more cool stuff, become super skilled with easy exam system at what you love, and get all set to be a leader in the things that make your heart happy!

Ph.D. Programs

Hello there, future genius! I’ve got exciting news just for you. If you really, really want to be extra, extra smart, guess what? Kadir Has University has a super-duper cool thing just waiting for you! They call it Ph.D. programs, and they’re like magical adventures that help you become an amazing explorer, finding brand new things that nobody else knows. It’s like becoming a real-life detective of learning, uncovering secrets and making the world even more awesome!

Faculty Excellence core Program

Hey, listen up, little learners! The teachers at Kadir Has University are like friendly wizards on a magical journey with you. They do more than teach – they’re your partners in thinking, helping you imagine and make amazing stuff. They put a ton of effort into making learning super exciting and unique, so you can become a super-smart thinker, just like them!

Programs offered




Innovative Research Awards

Research Centers Departments

Hey there, young adventurers! Let me tell you about something super cool at Kadir Has University. They have these special places called “research centers,” and they’re like magical team headquarters where really smart people work together to solve huge challenges. They use their super-duper thinking powers to come up with brand new ideas and learn amazing things that help make the whole world even better and more awesome!

Collaborative Projects international

Hey, gather ’round, awesome explorers! At Kadir Has University, it’s all about teamwork and fun! Students and teachers become a super team, joining forces to do amazing projects that solve big problems. They use their super-smarts to think in creative ways and find cool answers that make the world a super happy and fantastic place for everyone to enjoy!

Campus student Life and Facilities

Modern Infrastructure

Hey, check this out! Kadir Has University is like a magical wonderland of learning and fun! Inside, you’ll find super awesome classrooms, libraries filled with exciting stories, and special labs where you can do cool experiments. It’s a place where you can have a blast learning and growing into a super smart and creative kid, all while having the time of your life!

Extracurricular Activities

Hey there, young adventurer! Get ready for a super fun journey at Kadir Has University, where it’s not just about reading books. They have exciting things like playing sports, creating awesome art, and lending a hand to make the world better. These cool activities make your time there even more fantastic and help you become an all-around incredible person, ready to take on any challenge that comes your way!

Global Partnerships and Exchange Programs For Higher education

Hey, listen up, little explorer! Kadir Has University is like a globe-trotting friend who loves to make buddies everywhere! They join forces with awesome schools from different countries. It’s like having a magical passport that lets you travel to new places, make cool friends, and learn super exciting things from all around the world!

Impactful Alumni

Hey, guess what? The kids who went to Kadir Has University are like the coolest superstars ever! When they’re done with school, they go on to do amazing things in all sorts of jobs. Some become teachers and help other kids learn, while some start their own super cool businesses. There are also those who make stunning art that makes everyone smile, and some even lend a hand to make their towns even better. It’s like they’re spreading awesomeness and making the world a better place wherever they go!

Community Management and Social Responsibility

Outreach Programs 2023

Hey there, young friend! Guess what? Kadir Has University is like a big caring friend who loves to make the world a happier place. They have these special plans where they teach, learn cool stuff, and help out in their community. It’s kind of like they have a giant heart that’s full of kindness, and they use their super smarts to spread joy and make everyone smile!

Contribution to Society

Guess what, little heroes? Kadir Has University is just like a superhero right in the middle of the city! They have these incredible powers and super smarts, and they use them to do really awesome stuff. They teach people khas what they know and use their amazing things to make the world a super happy and friendly place for everyone. It’s like they’re sprinkling kindness all around, just like magical fairy dust!

Admission Process and Scholarships

For admission process and scholarships you can contact with us

Undergraduate Admissions for students

Hey, curious kids! When you’re excited about joining at turkish institute the cool club at Kadir Has University, guess what? They have a secret plan to choose the kids who really, really enjoy learning and exploring new stuff. They check out how well you do in school, all the fun things you do when you’re not in class, and how friendly you are to everyone. It’s just like finding that last puzzle piece that fits perfectly into their amazing adventure!

Graduate Admissions seminar

Hey there, future super learners! If you’re dreaming of going to the extra special classes at Kadir Has University, there’s a fun secret: you need to show how much you adore learning and how awesome you are at things you enjoy at kadir has üniversitesi  . They’re looking for kids who are super duper smart and bursting with excitement to become the best at what they love! It’s just like finding the brightest stars to join their incredible team of learners!


Just like superheroes, Kadir Has University an institute is here to help kids who love to learn with international students. They have something super cool called scholarships that they give to kids who do really well in school, lead others, or come up with awesome ideas. These special gifts make it easier for kids to go to school and learn all sorts of amazing things. It’s like having a friendly hand guiding them on an exciting journey of learning course and discovery!

Application process

You can apply with clickforapply and got your confirmed seat

  1. What is the history behind Kadir Has University’s establishment?
    • Kadir Has University was founded in 1997 by the Kadir Has Foundation, with a mission to provide a nurturing environment for education and culture.
  2. How diverse are the academic programs offered by the university?
    • The university offers a wide spectrum of programs, spanning arts, humanities, social sciences, engineering, and more, ensuring a rich academic experience for all students.
  3. Can you elaborate on the research opportunities available to students?
    • Kadir Has University boasts multidisciplinary research centers and collaborative projects that empower students to address real-world challenges through innovative research.
  4. What sets Kadir Has University’s faculty apart?
    • The university’s faculty members are renowned for their commitment to academic rigor, mentorship, and innovative teaching methods, creating a dynamic learning environment.
  5. How does the university contribute to the local community?
    • Through outreach programs and a strong emphasis on social responsibility, Kadir Has University actively engages with the community, addressing societal challenges and promoting positive change.


Imagine a world of wonder at Kadir Has University! It’s like stepping into a magical realm where learning is your very own superpower, making you even stronger! The teachers, oh boy, they’re like super wizards who are totally awesome at school and have this knack for creating new and exciting things. They’re practically the superheroes of all schools! And when kids like you become part of this incredible place, it’s like the start of a fantastic journey. Get ready for new adventures, learning heaps of cool stuff, growing bigger and smarter, and making the entire world an even happier and more exciting place!

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