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About Istinye University:

Istanbul Istinye University is considered one of the most important private Turkish universities located in European Istanbul. It has directed towards development, and interest in the fields of digital science, design, digital production, games, and modern media production in addition to modern architectural and urban disciplines. Istinye University also takes good care in the field of medical sciences and human medicine specializations. Istinye University has contracts with modern Turkish hospitals to train students and qualify them in the field of work immediately after graduation. Istinye University was established by the Anatolia Foundation in the twenty-first century.  It has 25-year experience of knowledge that is derived through its contract with the MLPCARE GROUP. It is considered one of the largest Turkish groups in the field of health and medical sciences. As it includes three large, famous and powerful main hospitals

-Live Hospital

-VM Medical Park

-Medical Park

In a short period of time, Istinye University was able to find a distinguished position among Turkish universities, especially in the field of architecture, human medicine, dentistry, art, digital design, and games. It was able to obtain large and good scientific credits and recognitions, which made it a destination for hundreds of international and Arab students, especially in the Arab Gulf region, Iraq, Egypt, the Maghreb, and Sudan.

Istinye University also takes care of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity programs. It relies in its studies on the English language in addition to the Turkish language for some other fields. The number of Istinye University students has reached more than 10,500 students, including hundreds of international students, especially from the Arab Gulf region. Istinye University includes more than 600 academics, who have high experiences and scientific certificates. The university own more than 65 student clubs in which all recreational and sports activities are held throughout the year. Istanbul Istinye University pursues the vision of development and modernization in the digital, software, and modern technical fields to keep pace with contemporary requirements in these fields. It seeks to be the first university in Turkey in these fields in addition to the disciplines of artificial intelligence and digital sciences.

Istinye University was established in 2015 to meet the knowledge integration of the famous health group. It is affiliated to the famous Turkish Anatolia Time, which is one of the most famous Turkish endowments in Turkey, MLPCARE GROUP. This group owns three famous hospitals in Istanbul

-Live Hospital

-VM Medical Park

-Medical Park

During the past period, the university was able to be developed in all digital, health, and technical fields. It reached a leading university with good international, European, and Arab accreditations. It has become desirable by international students in the world, especially students in the Arab Gulf. It obtained many recognitions. Istinye University has two large campuses with a wonderful and modern architectural design and a building equipped with the latest devices, and equipment for postgraduate studies. It includes 65 laboratories, more than 10 scientific research centers with high-tech infrastructure. Istinye University includes modern university dormitories equipped with the best private and comfortable equipment. It is also equipped with the best conditions for students, such as offices, restaurants, cafes, restrooms, and sports centers for both males and females.

Istinye University Centers:

 Istinye University has two main campuses, the first is the Valley Campus in Business City. It includes the College of Arts, Engineering, Communications, the College of Management and Economics. There are workshops, and it is equipped with the best modern equipment and devices.

As for the second campus, it is close to the Cevizli Bagh station, which is called the Topkapi campus. It was built in a modern way and contains a very large number of lecture rooms and modern laboratories. There are also conference rooms and laboratories for students of programming, computers and artificial intelligence majors.

Faculties, institutes and programs at Istanbul Istinye University

  • Medicine
  • dentist
  • the pharmacy
  • modern media
  • Radio, Film and Television
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • Economy
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Business Management
  • International Relations
  • Administrative information system
  • mechanical engineering
  • computer engineering
  • civil engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Biomedical engineering

Undergraduate Programs fees

Master Programs Fees

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Phd Programs Fees

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