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About Istanbul Bahcesehir University

Istanbul Bahcesehir University is considered the strongest private Turkish university. It is part of the international Bahcesehir University, which has many branches around the world such as in Germany, Italy, Canada, Northern Cyprus, and Georgia. It is a strong international university with a strong global ranking, strong technologies, and a good global reputation. The first language of study at Istanbul Bahcesehir University is English. The university was established by the famous Bahcesehir Scientific Foundation in 1998. The university has now reached the highest levels of scientific, technical, and administrative competence across Turkey and many countries. It is a university with the highest ranking among 10 universities in Turkey in terms of employment for its students after their graduation. More than 40% of its graduates get a job in the first six months.

The university has contracts with more than 300 universities around the world and agreements with various international grant systems, such as the famous Erasmus.This is a large number compared to universities in terms of international students around the world. The university is keen to be among the top 500 universities around the world within the year 2023. The university has a library of one of the largest huge offices containing more than 820,000 books. It has contracts with more than 230 universities around the world in various fields.The university has more than 55 leading research centers for professional training and application with the highest standards of quality and efficiency

The establishment of Istanbul Bahcesehir University:

Istanbul Bahcesehir University was established in 1998 by the famous Bahcesehir Foundation. And it began to develop rapidly until it became the most famous and leading private university in Turkey. Moreover, It is one of the distinguished international universities that contain many branches around the world.Bahcesehir University includes 12 colleges in which bachelor’s programs are taught, four colleges in which master’s programs are taught, and four colleges in which doctoral programs are taught. There are more than 81 clubs for entertainment and various student activities at the university. In addition, the university contains more than 9 restaurants and cafes for students. It also has more than one campus located with beautiful and exceptional views of Istanbul. The university cooperates with famous institutions that direct students to employment after graduation and integration into the labor market. Therefore, it is considered one of the best universities in Turkey in terms of employment immediately after graduation, with rates exceeding 35% of students who graduated after a year with the majors they studied. The university includes more than 1,200 academics and a strong teaching staff with strong international certificates. In addition to more than 700 administrative employees at the university are distributed among the 6 university campuses in various regions of Istanbul.

More than 38,000 university students have graduated from the university since the time of its establishment until now. The university is still in continuous and permanent development at all levels. It aims to be among the first 5 universities in Turkey, in addition to being among the 500 in the world in 2023

The university is affiliated with hundreds of educational schools between nursery, primary and secondary schools in Turkey. In addition, the university is affiliated with more than 70 educational centers and institutions in Turkey. The university is the largest in terms of the number of international students among the private universities in Turkey. The university is keen to achieve the highest levels of development in Turkey and at the regional level. The university is about 1700 globally in the ranking and has a local ranking of about 37.

Centers of Istanbul University Bahcesehir:

The Besiktas campus is the main campus of the university, which includes the faculties of dentistry, engineering, and administrative sciences.

As for the second campus, it is also located in Besiktas, overlooking the Bosphorus Strait. It includes the faculties of Architecture, the College of Vocational Training, and the College of Medicine and Public Health Sciences. The third campus is in Goztepe, which includes the faculties of medicine, dentistry, and health sciences. And the fourth campus is in the Galata region. It includes the Faculty of Communications studies, and the Faculty of Communications and Media ,where professional workshops, and the majors of design and digital business are taught.

The last two campuses of the university are located in the Bira region, in which music is taught.

Faculties, institutes, and programs at Istanbul Bahcesehir University

  • Faculty of medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Educational Sciences
  • college of Law
  • College of Communication
  • Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences
  • College of Architecture and Design
  • College of Architecture and Design
  • College of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  • College of Health Sciences

Undergraduate Programs fees

Master Programs Fees

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Phd Programs Fees

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